Carri Preble is an experienced real estate attorney focused on all aspects of the development of telecommunications facilities. She represents service providers, infrastructure developers and private landlords.

Carri has seventeen years of experience in the wireless industry and has provided services to national and regional wireless service providers, national and regional tower developers, and private landlords.

She has provided experienced legal counsel throughout all phases of tower and cell site development, including the negotiation and drafting of numerous types of real estate documents, including purchase and sales agreements, assignments, leases, bills of sale and utility and access easements.

Carri is also experienced with all levels of due diligence, from examining title and survey issues and resolving title defects and encumbrances, to environmental assessment review and analysis.

She has resolved Landlord and tenant disputes and construction and access issues, and has assisted landlords and tower owners administer, enforce and amend existing infrastructure agreements.

Carri also has experience in Mergers and Acquisitions transactions in the telecommunications industry including working with regional and national developers in the sales of tower portfolios.